*Please note that pricing is actually in Linear Meters


DINAMICA® is the most ecologic and technologic microfiber available, made from chemically regenerated polyester and using only water as solvent in the production process.


DINAMICA® is durable over time, its aliphatic polyurethane used in short fibers prevents peeling and allows the delicate pastels to last longer, maintaining the initial look and feel.


The components used in DINAMICA® production process are not flammable and do not require any fire retardant chemicals, thus increasing the product breathability. 


Specifications sheet available upon request!


1 Yard
  • MOQ is 1 linear meter up to 20 linear meters.  Exceeding orders will be produced, delivery time from 5 weeks onward. Please contact us for product availability either by email or by calling 800-809-3155.