SkyLeather is the future...

SkyLeather is an ingenious alternative to reconstructed leather and genuine leather. This innovative material offers advantages in aircraft seat maintenance and also stands out with regard to passenger well-being. As a water based system it is free of  harmful substances and toxic by- products.

EASY Clean

The surface of SkyLeather is highly dirt and grim repellant, which drastically reduces the cleaning effort. Ball-point pen marks and stain residues can be wiped away with a moist cloth. 

Airline Cost Benefits

Compared to leather hides our synthetic leather is up to 25% lighter. This significantly contributes to airline fuel savings initatives.

IMG_9868 1.png

*The high elasticity of SkyLeather simplifies the fitting process for even complex seat shapes. The cover will keep its shape and look newer longer.

Enhanced Comfort

SkyLeather Design and Devlopment

SkyLeather causes no skin irritation, features good thermal properties, and the suppleness of the soft surface delivers enhanced comfort for the passengers.

SkyLeather is available in any Color and Grain.

Our manufacturing facilities in-house laboratory provides airlines with a one-stop-shop service, from material design to finished seat cover manufacturing.