Mean size: 50 sqft.
Type: Cow leather
Thickness: 1.1 - 1.3 mm
Elasticity: 5/5
Usage evaluation: 3/5
Color range: 10 Colors available
Embossing: NO – Natural Grain
Raw material Origin: European
Production: Made in Italy


Nappa is the best quality product in our Automotive Catalogue.
We're sure You won't find anything similar on the market. Our aim is to have a product that can compete in elasticity and touch with the best products used on furniture market, maintaining all the technical requirements needed in a car interior. We've achieved this extraordinary result by selecting hides only from Northern Europe, which are naturally elastic and present very few natural defects. Thus, we can avoid excessive manipulations of the hides (such as embossing, sanding, etc.) which result in a smooth, soft and delicate natural grain product. For Nappa we choose a color range inspired by the great heritage of Italian car manufacturers, with delicate pastels in warm and bright tones.


IMPACT Interior Products suggest a minimum 2.5 to 3 Hide order to complete a medium size vehicle interiors (just seats).

Nappa Leather

1 Square foot
  • MOQ: 1 Hide

  • Please contact us for volume discounts.